Defining Your Expectations

On our introductory page, we stipulated that your expectations must be satisfied. In order for any company, including Tranet, to satisfy your expectations, they must first understand what those expectations are. Expectations are by definition what benefits you expect technology to bring to your company. Rather those expectations are the resolution of issues and/or the decrease in workload while increasing productivity.

Tranet will not with you in a singular form oh technology. For example, Tranet will not simply computerize your office. They would not provide computers to include any on-site or off sight servers where printers and related equipment would not be provided by Tranet nor include the provision for interface with telephonic audio and video aspects of your office practices. When using different suppliers for these functions, service calls become complicated by you being told by one technician that is not their problem instead it is this person or that person’s problem and they can’t help you. Tranet eliminates these issues by providing all aspects of your technology needs so when service requirements are necessary Tranet provides the solution to any problem regardless of which technology process is involved.

It is not that Tranet is an errogant company. It is that Tranet’s main goal is to satisfy your needs ongoing and prompt and complete service is ongoing. Tranet not only has this commitment to you initially to get your business but ongoing as a check with clients will verify. By initially installing new matched and compatible equipment Tranet will also provide you with single-source long-lasting service that you so desire and have never received. Tranet will be your number one choice for your technology needs.

TRanet would again like to stress that all of the equipment necessary to meet and resolve your needs will match the compatibility and communicability that each of these pieces of equipment will provide to serve your office needs. It is therefore important for you to understand that Tranet will be involved in every aspect of your technological needs.

The expectations that you provide Tranet, will provide Tranet with the ability to match the expectations with Solutions provided by the proper equipment.